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Understanding Investments

At Robinswood Financial, we want to make sure you completely understand the approach we take to invest your hard-earned dollars. To help you understand how your money is being invested, expect us to spend quality time with you going over the building blocks of successful investing. Contrary to what others in the financial industry might imply, investing is not rocket science and itís not black magic. Weíre
Remember the "10-year/2-minute rule." If you cannot explain an investment to a ten-year-old in two minutes, donít invest.
here to demystify investing and make sure you know everything you need to know.

Never undertake any investment program or speculation that you donít understand. Remember the "10-year/2-minute rule." That is, if you cannot explain an investment to a ten-year-old in two minutes, donít invest in that program. This might mean you donít understand the investment well enough to explain simply. Or, it might mean that the investment is too complicated and therefore likely too risky. If you donít understand it, or if itís unreasonably complex, you might later discover risks you werenít aware of, and your losses might turn out to be even greater than the amount you invested.

It's better to leave your money in low-risk Treasury bills than to take chances with investments you don't fully comprehend. Itís your money at risk. If you don't understand it, don't do it.

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