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An Evolving Portfolio

At Robinswood Financial, we believe in discipline and passive investment strategies to ride out the highs and lows of the market to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

But while we believe in passive investing, we also believe in active portfolio management. After we structure and implement the portfolio we think will best meet your needs, we donít just sit back and relax.

The investment landscape continually
The investment landscape continually changes, so we feel itís important to avoid complacency.
changes, so we feel itís important to avoid complacency. We scan your account each day, and we review it carefully each month. We invite every client to meet with us at least once every quarter to review their portfolio.

Depending on changes in economic conditions, tax law, or your personal situation, we will suggest shifts in your asset allocation. These changes are not about chasing the last hot mutual fund; rather theyíre about making sure your portfolio stays up to date with current conditions.

In addition to these types of changes, as part of our continual tracking and monitoring of your portfolio, we periodically need to rebalance your portfolio. Your portfolioís assets can drift, that is, become more heavily weighted toward one type of asset or another. Rebalancing keeps your portfolio as diversified as it was the day we started and maintains your proper asset allocation, and this in turn controls your risk, keeping your portfolio in line with your risk tolerance.

Rebalancing also increases your investment returns by selling high and buying low since, by definition, rebalancing requires selling an appreciated asset class and buying a depreciated (undervalued) asset class as part of the process of maintaining your asset allocation.

Your advisor is dedicated to managing your investments according to your unique financial goals as well as your investing personality. We are passionate about our work and it shows.

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