Our Investment Strategy


Making sure that your investment portfolio grows steadily over the long term is essential for you to fulfill your financial goals. At Robinswood Financial, our years of experience bring a disciplined and winning strategy to your investment portfolio.

Robinswood Financial provides individually managed portfolios tailored to meet your specific needs. Our objective is to deliver higher returns by fully participating in the upswings of the market while our strategy has proven to be consistent, steady, and repeatable. providing maximum risk protection from market meltdowns, consistent with your risk tolerance and financial goals.

Our unconventional philosophy is based on Nobel prize-winning research. We reject many of the popular notions, such as timing the market, following the hot asset class, and chasing individual stocks. Our strategy has proven to be consistent, steady, and repeatable. Best of all, our strategy requires no ability to forecast the future. We have evolved to this philosophy over many years of experience. The combination of time, patience, and a strict discipline is the cornerstone of our success.

We begin by gathering information from you to clearly define your individual financial objectives and your tolerance for risk. From this information we develop a disciplined investment plan tailored especially for you. We can address any level of risk you might have, from ultra-conservative to very aggressive.

Your investment plan consists of a sensible, long-term asset allocation appropriate for you. We take great care in determining your asset allocation because we know it is the most important decision we will make in the management of your portfolio.

At the core of our investment strategy, Robinswood Financial primarily uses institutional index and asset-class mutual funds for their historical superior long-term performance as compared to actively managed funds as shown by S&P Dow Jones Indices. These include U.S. and international equity (stock) funds that include different combinations of the major asset classes with the goal of limiting your risk exposure through proper diversification.

Robinswood Financial is one of a select group of advisors specifically qualified to provide access to Dimensional funds (DFA). Robinswood also makes use of Vanguard funds and selected Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s).

A typical portfolio will have 10-16 carefully selected investments. The driving forces behind our investment strategy are superior portfolio construction, diversification, low costs, disciplined rebalancing, competitive returns, and protection of your principal. The portfolios are managed to adapt to changing economic conditions, tax considerations, cash-flow needs, and your personal situation.

Our disciplined process for rebalancing portfolios during the inevitable ups and downs of the financial markets strives to keep risk at the appropriate level for you while enhancing your returns through the process of selling high and buying low.

The Robinswood Financial investment strategy is designed to minimize risk and eliminate emotion from the decision-making process. Through this process, we deliver investment success for you.

Our strategy has proven to be consistent, steady, and repeatable. Best of all, our strategy requires no ability to forecast the future.

Nobel Prize-Winning Research in Economics

The investment program of Robinswood Financial is based on the work of Nobel Prize laureates Harry Markowitz, Merton Miller, William Sharpe, Myron Scholes, and Robert Merton, conducted at Yale, Stanford, MIT, and the University of Chicago. The following are links to papers and articles on which the Robinswood Financial investment strategy is based.

Eliminate emotion from the decision making process.

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