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Robinswood Financial requires a minimum of $500,000 per household account (or combination of accounts) in cash or marketable securities. At our discretion, this requirement may be waived.

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The Initial Consultation

Robinswood Financial makes it easy to establish your account. The first and most important step is the initial consultation with one of our registered investment advisors. In this meeting, we get to know you, your resources, your dreams, and your needs.
In this meeting, we get to know you and your dreams.

You’ll provide us with more information as we identify your goals, time horizon, investment constraints, and your preferred level of risk. As an active participant in the development of your investment plan, you are our primary source of information. Together we decide on the best mix of investments for your unique situation.

Calculating Your Needs for Retirement

When we sit down to assess your financial situation relative to your retirement, we look at the following information:
  • The number of years before your desired retirement age.
  • Your cost of living and the lifestyle you expect to enjoy upon retirement.
  • A projection for inflation over the years between now and your retirement.
  • Your current or projected assets, including pensions, Social Security payments, investable assets, and liquidable assets (not your home or vehicles).
Based on this information, we determine the percentage increase—the rate of return—required for your investments to have the money needed by the time you retire. We compare this rate of return to your risk tolerance. Remember that you might earn higher rates of return on your investments with higher-risk investment products. Likewise, you would likely earn lower rates of return with lower-risk products.

If your needed rate of return is higher than your risk tolerance allows, we examine four possible solutions over which you have control:
  • Earning more money
  • Saving more money
  • Working longer
  • Living with less

Crafting Your Investment Strategy

As we work with you to begin developing your investment strategy, we take a good, hard look at your current financial situation. We assess your:
  • Financial needs
  • Investment and retirement goals
  • Available resources
  • Risk tolerance
  • Our goal is to match the investment strategy with the objectives and personality of our client.
Taken together, this information allows us to craft a workable strategy to fit your specific needs and that strives to ensure that you do not outlive your assets or need to become dependent on your children or other relatives. Our goal is to match the investment strategy with your objectives and personality.

Deciding on Investments for You

Once we have developed your individual investment strategy, we start building your portfolio based on the asset allocation that will help you meet your goals. Together we decide on the investment plan. Then we prepare all the documents. If you're transferring assets from an IRA or other investment vehicle, we take care of the paperwork to make sure this happens properly.

Working with Independent Custodians

Robinswood Financial never takes title of your assets. Instead, your assets are held by an independent custodian to keep your assets safe. We use the services of Charles Schwab as well as the Schwab Trust Company, which is regulated by the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTF), a bureau of the U.S. Treasury Department.

If you're investing cash, you'll write one or more checks to the custodians: Charles Schwab or the National Advisors Trust.

Through these custodians, you will have access to your portfolio at all times. You will receive statements directly from your custodian, and you will receive performance reports from us.

Limited Trading Authorization

When you open your new Robinswood Financial account, we consult with you before making any initial investments. As part of ongoing monitoring, however, we’ll ask for limited trading authorization so we do not need to call you each time we need to make a trade, as long as the actions adhere to the investment plan we have developed with you.

New Account FAQ

Can you manage my IRA, which is now managed by another company?

Yes, we manage many individual retirement accounts (IRAs). We can prepare the paperwork for your signature to order a direct transfer of assets from your present custodian to your new one.

Will I have to liquidate my current investment portfolio to work with you?

To create the asset allocation and investment mix that’s most appropriate for your financial goals, together we might decide to make changes to your current investment portfolio. Such changes can be implemented over time or can be adapted to incorporate some of your current investments.

We take into consideration the fact that you might have significant unrealized gains in one or more existing holdings that, if sold, would trigger a large tax bill. We also know that you might have specific investments you want to keep.

In every case, we use our best judgment in recommending an appropriate portfolio that serves your goals, takes advantage of our investment philosophy, and minimizes any tax impact.

I want to manage some of my investments on my own. Can I still work with you?

Yes. We can set up a separate account (or accounts) that will hold the assets you would like us to manage, and charge a fee only on those assets. We do require that the assets under our management meet our standard account minimum.

I live thousands of miles away from your office in Washington. Can I still do business with you?

Certainly. Many of our clients live outside of Washington state, and many of them have never visited our offices. Through the use of technology, you can get all the benefits of our services by communicating with us and maintaining your account via telephone, fax, regular mail, e-mail, and the Internet.

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