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Robinswood Financial is dedicated to providing individually managed portfolios that are custom-crafted to meet each client’s unique needs while also providing financial peace of mind.

How do I know if I need professional wealth and money management?

  • Do you feel you’ve been neglecting your investments, and need a way to ensure that your finances are being managed responsibly?
  • Do you lack the time or inclination to develop the expertise needed to make the best investment decisions?
  • Are you in charge of your financial future but feel uncertain about how you should manage your wealth?
  • Is your spouse capable of managing the portfolio you leave behind, or would a personal tragedy turn into a financial tragedy?

If you’ve answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then you need to partner with a professional financial advisor you can trust. Together with Robinswood Financial, you can craft a plan with professional investment managers and start the wheels in motion to help you meet your financial goals.

What’s more, it’s statistically proven that investors typically earn higher returns with professional investment management. A study by independent financial services research company Dalbar, Inc. revealed that between 1984 and 2004, while the S&P 500 rose by an annual average of 13.2 percent, the individual mutual fund investor averaged only 3.7 percent earnings annually. The study suggested that many investors change their investment strategies too often to realize the market rates of return. Your financial advisor can help you avoid the temptation of chasing “hot” funds and keep you focused on achieving long-term performance.

At Robinswood Financial, we work to manage your portfolio prudently in pursuit of the goals you have for your future. We can recommend strategies that fit your needs, help you decide how to allocate assets, and analyze how changing conditions affect you and your situation. We make investing more convenient, and we take the time to help you make educated decisions with your money.

How is Robinswood Financial different?

Robinswood Financial is committed to traveling side by side with you as a partner in your investment journey. We build a trusting relationship with you by always putting your interests first. We have the insight, experience, and resources to help you meet your goals, providing you with the peace of mind you need in your investments. Furthermore, we at Robinswood Financial are dedicated to making this world a better place.

With Robinswood Financial, you forge a dedicated partnership you can count on.
Robinswood Financial is committed to traveling side by side with you as a partner in your investment journey. Robinswood Financial believes that a strong client-advisor relationship is critical to understanding your values, lifestyle, family, goals, and time horizons. This highly personal and attentive relationship is the foundation for crafting an investment strategy that conforms to your unique requirements. Through changing times, your advisor also helps provide the consistency and discipline needed to maintain the clear-eyed, unemotional vision of your goals.

We have the insight and resources to help you meet your financial goals.
You can take full advantage of the high-technology investment and research information services available from multiple sources. This provides up-to-the-minute insight and the competitive edge needed for changing financial conditions. Your Robinswood Financial advisors have the decades of experience—through cycles of up and down markets—that can help guide you toward your goals. Your dedicated advisor conducts ongoing research into better financial solutions to fit your situation.

You gain outstanding value for your investments. 
Robinswood Financial offers you a broad choice of high-quality investment options and trading advantages — including no-load and waived-load mutual funds — that not only save you money but also allow you to earn more from each investment dollar.

You receive independent and unbiased financial advice.
Robinswood Financial is able to be completely independent and objective when making recommendations for your portfolio because we are paid only by client fees, not by product commissions, product sales, referral fees, or any other reimbursement. Instead, we focus only on your goals, and are therefore able to provide you with unbiased advice that is always in your best interest.

You experience peace of mind with your investments.
Most individuals speculate, while most professionals invest. With investments managed by Robinswood Financial, you are likely to have less anxiety about those investments. While maintaining the level of control you want, you also have the safety and security afforded by Charles Schwab as the custodian. In addition, because your investments are being professionally managed, portfolio risks are effectively monitored and potentially minimized.

You work with an investment firm that’s dedicated to community service.
Robinswood Financial is passionate about making this world a better place by serving our clients, our community, and each other to the best of our abilities. This goes back to our commitment to relationships—we believe that relationships are the basis of community, and that community is the basis of good business. We also believe in being a positive force in the partnerships we commit to—the kind that we want to foster among our communities, within our firm, and with our clients.

Who is a classic Robinswood client?

In general, Robinswood Financial clients have the following characteristics:

  • They have a long-term focus, and know that it takes time to reach their financial goals and objectives.
  • They understand the nature of the financial markets as well as the characteristics of the different asset classes.
  • They tend to be savers rather than spenders.
  • They have decided to turn over the day-to-day control of their portfolios to professionals.

The majority of our clients are individual investors for whom we manage taxable, IRA, and 401(k) money. We help such clients develop long-term plans for their assets, transition from their working lives into retirement, and manage their wealth. We also manage investment portfolios for trusts.

Our current account minimum is $250,000 per household account (or combination of accounts) in cash or marketable securities. At our discretion, this minimum account requirement may be waived.

What services does Robinswood Financial offer?

When you hire Robinswood Financial, we:

  • Become your personal investment manager.
  • Research investment ideas.
  • Structure your portfolio.
  • Actively monitor your investments.
  • Update you about your portfolio performance.
  • Adjust your portfolio on an as-needed basis.
  • Develop your distribution plan so you can safely live off your assets.

In short, we handle the details of your investments so you can stay focused on your long-term goals.

We also act as your overall financial coordinator and look at the big picture in all matters that affect the financial health of you and your family. We are prepared to give you input on issues regarding basic retirement, estate planning, and tax planning. In situations where additional professional help is necessary, we can recommend trusted advisors to assist you.

The maxim “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is the concept behind diversification.

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